Creators of Peace’s initiatives to build global peace at the grassroots level are constantly evolving. We have developed many different programmes, exercises and events over the years within our organisation and in partnership with others and will continue to offer new programmes and resources as the network expands worldwide.

Peace Circles

Creators of Peace Circles are small gatherings of (usually) women who meet weekly or over a weekend with trained facilitators to explore what it means to create peace in the heart, home and community. It is a series of deep conversations that build community and connection, develop resilience and ignite our capacities to build peace.

Why Peace Circles Matter

Like many of our programmes, the process begins with inward reflection and healing, then teaches skills to practise peace externally. We believe that peace ripples outward, and every person has the power to become a catalyst for peace. Impact assessments have shown that our Peace Circles can be deeply healing and transformational to both individuals and communities.

Advocating for a New Story of Our Shared Humanity

“Advocating for a New Story of our Shared Humanity” (ANS) is a self-hosted, 5-session conversation for small groups designed to explore the dominant and emerging narratives in the world and in our lives. It can also be used as a tool for individual reflection. The guide is available for download for anyone who wishes to host an ANS dialogue. 

These conversations help highlight where we are stuck, whether in nations, communities or in our own hearts — freeing us to craft new, more life-giving stories of our shared humanity.

Engaging Constructively in Challenging Conversations

"Engaging Constructively in Challenging Conversations” (ECCC) is an online, facilitated course designed to give you the insights, skills and confidence to have constructive conversations in the midst of differences and conflicts. 

This is for you if you have found yourself in a conversation where something was said that made you uncomfortable or that you disagreed with, and you: 

  • stayed quiet and wish you hadn't
  • became defensive and reacted in ways you wish you hadn’t
  • would like to become more effective at handling conflict