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What We Do And Why It Matters

Grassroots Peace with a Global Impact

Creators of Peace International is a global network working to build resilient and hospitable communities one person at a time.

When We Raise Women’s Voices, Everyone Benefits

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Meaningful peace is inclusive, and inclusion means giving equal voice to women—this is why we have been a women-led initiative since 1991.

Creators of Peace Circles are Happening Worldwide

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500+ facilitators have led Creators of Peace Circles in 50+ countries on 6 continents, creating peace in hearts, homes and communities.

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We Value Deep Listening and Story Sharing

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We offer a guide to group discussions around the grand narratives that shape our lives to explore a new story of our shared humanity.

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We Practise Engaging Constructively in Challenging Conversations

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We offer a skill-building course to give you insights and confidence for constructive conversations in the midst of differences and conflicts.

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We Meet Sustainable Development Goals

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Our values and our work are directly aligned with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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When you support Creators of Peace, you support a new culture of peace and help us accelerate our impact locally, nationally and globally. When we expand our reach, we weave a strong network of empowered peace creators worldwide.  

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Peace Starts with You

Njeri Ndiangui, a Kikuyu based in Subukia village, Kenya

Njeri Ndiangui, a Kikuyu based in Subukia village, Kenya, joined a Peace Circle. There, she confronted her hatred of the Kalenjin community—deep bitterness and resentments that she’d always held. At this point she had a change of heart and assessed her own role in perpetuating the conflict between the communities.

Njeri Ndiangui leads a Creators of Peace Circle

Njeri began to reach out to the Kalenjin people, make friends with them, visited and stayed with a Kalenjin family and eventually invited them into her home. This inspired her to lead her local Creators of Peace team to Baringo County, a troubled area where three ethnic communities, the Pokots, the Tugens and the Illchamus, were in a long-standing conflict with one another.

Njeri Ndiangui participates in a Creators of Peace Circle, holding two candles.

Njeri and her team ran Peace Circles for women from each ethnic group. Eventually, there was a joint gathering. Apologies and forgiveness were given and received. After decades of hurt, hatred, resentments and blame, a journey of healing began.

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Our Reach

A map of the globe shows Creators of Peace Circles happening in 50+ countries on 6 different continents.