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Creators of Peace’s initiatives to build global peace at the grassroots level are always expanding. We have developed many different programmes, exercises and events over the years within our organisation and in partnership with others.

We continue to explore how Creators of Peace can work with other organisations to expand our efforts in meaningful ways.

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Book a trained Creators of Peace Facilitator to bring a Peace Circle or other programme to your company or organisation.

In 2018 and 2020, trained Creators of Peace Facilitators guided Peace Circles for the Johannesburg City Council in South Africa as part of the Young Women Program. The staff and the participants in the regions gave very positive feedback on the implementation of our Peace Circle to raise consciousness in young women about their identity and instil a sense of self love, respect and pride in young womanhood. Read the recommendation letter from the City of Johannesburg here.

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Ask about partnering with us in some other way to bring our tools and initiatives into your programming. We are open to exploring how we can work together. 

We are partnering with the United Nations Development Programme to [where can i find a good description of what this partnership entails?].

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